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Technological progress has pushed the air separation of the Yellow River into a new era of energy conservation and environmental

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-- he huanghe air separation ultra-low pressure new energy-saving 12000Nm3/h air separation equipment has been successfully started

Energy saving and environmental protection is the theme of today's national economic development, the development of emerging industries in the country, to production, such as energy saving and emission reduction policy, under the push of the Yellow River in kaifeng air separation group co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the "Yellow River air separation") closely around the energy saving, environmental protection, green, reduction the development direction, according to the enterprise itself, the urgent request of technology innovation, technical transformation and the company design and research institute organization design of ultralow pressure oxygen-enriched air separation equipment process is optimized, widening the coverage of this series of air separation equipment, made a new scientific research achievement, and successfully applied to practical production.

In 2017, Yellow River air was divided into a company in Shanxi Province to provide a set of KDON 12000/12,000 air separation equipment, the customer is Shanxi Province comprehensive circular economy demonstration unit, is China's top 10 high manganese enterprises, is one of the world's largest high carbon ferro-manganese production enterprises. Its oxygen is mainly used for oxygen-rich coal injection, nitrogen is used as protective gas and purge gas.

For the first time to meet the demand of customer energy conservation and environmental protection, the Yellow River air separation using pure oxygen and rich oxygen can freely switch of low pressure air separation process, the process USES vertical molecular sieve adsorber precleaning, new multi-storey main cold, packing up and down the tower, with pure oxygen process organization form of the tower, its most major characteristic is the air compressor exhaust pressure design value of 0.42 MPa, actual operation value of 0.415 MPa, dropped 12% than normal process.

In order to ensure the whole equipment safety, energy saving, environmental protection, economy, and the Yellow River of air separation technology personnel through in-depth discussion and rigorous calculation, decided to keep the traditional scale under the premise of the compression process air separation equipment, through optimizing the technological process, adjust the internal structure, the reasonable equipment and distillation system, and refinement of monomer equipment form a complete set of design concept of new technology, Is a blend of the double main cold air separation unit (CN200810231565.5), the ultra low suppression device in high purity oxygen and nitrogen (CN201320411909.7), "a device for producing nitrogen and oxygen enrichment" (CN2016207532579) and so on more than a dozen patents of core technology, using new technology and new technology, fully tap the potential of equipment, to reduce the resistance of the system, and the guarantee for saving energy and reducing consumption.

At the end of July 2018, the commissioning of pure oxygen condition of the equipment was completed, the equipment ran smoothly, and the output and purity of oxygen and nitrogen and other operating parameters all exceeded the design value. In August 2018, the debugging of oxygen-rich condition was completed. The output and purity of oxygen-rich and nitrogen-rich all exceeded the design value. In addition, pure oxygen and oxygen-rich condition can be switched at any time. Under these two conditions, liquid pure oxygen products with standard purity can be produced. The extraction rate of pure oxygen exceeds 98.5%, and that of oxygen-rich extraction reaches 99.8%. It is worth mentioning that the actual oxygen production energy consumption 0.403kWh/Nm3O2 is 10.9 percentage points lower than the agreed value in the contract after 72 hours of energy consumption assessment in the pure oxygen condition. The comprehensive operation energy consumption of the equipment is 0.499kWh/Nm3O2, 12.6 percentage points lower than the agreed value in the contract. Truly realize the long-term demand of energy saving and consumption reduction of customers.

As the patented product independently researched and developed by Yellow River air separation company, the air separation equipment of ultra-low pressure and rich oxygen series has numerous successful achievements. The products are spread all over xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, liaoning, sichuan, shanxi and other places, and have good performance in non-ferrous smelting, steel and other industries.

In recent years, the Yellow River air separation in following the national policy, to meet the needs of the domestic market, strengthening the quality of products at the same time, the use of new technology new technology of air separation process, production equipment, production technology and management level is optimized, using the technology progress make with characteristic of the Yellow River brand a new generation of air separation products, truly realize the safe and reliable, saving energy and reducing consumption, green environmental protection, economic optimization, contributing to the development of China's air separation industry.