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The Yellow River air separation biogas purification project -- the largest single biological natural gas project in Asia has ent

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Recently, by kaifeng Yellow River air separation group co., ltd. to supply biogas purification equipment of the largest single biological gas project in Asia -- CGN hengshui 270,000 square biological gas project project phase I project has been running for eight months, and entered the full load trial operation stage.

As a new type of energy, biological natural gas is made from industrial waste water, kitchen waste, crop straw, livestock and poultry manure and other waste resources through anaerobic fermentation technology to produce biogas, which is purified and purified and can be used for industrial gas, civil gas and vehicle gas. The development of large-scale biological natural gas can effectively solve the haze problem caused by the burning of straw in the region, turn waste resources into treasure, and promote the adjustment of energy structure, energy conservation and emission reduction, as well as the ecological harmless agriculture.

Located in the high-tech zone of hengshui city, this project is a key construction project of hebei province and a national pilot project of biological natural gas project. The owner is CGN biological gas hebei co., LTD., and the general contractor is hangzhou energy and environmental engineering co., LTD., a strategic partner of air separation of the Yellow River. After the completion of the first phase, biogas can be treated 270,000 cubic meters per day, with an annual output of 89.1 million cubic meters of natural gas and an annual emission reduction of 1.7 million tons of carbon dioxide. On January 12, 2018, the project was successfully tested and the product gas met and exceeded the national standard requirements of compressed natural gas for vehicles (gb18047-2000). With the continuous improvement of biogas production, the project has entered the stage of full load trial operation. This is the second super-large biogas purification project with a continuous operation by the air separation of the Yellow River after the nanyang tianguan 100,000-square-meter biogas purification compressed natural gas project.

As a national high-tech enterprise, vice chairman of the China gas separation association and a professional supplier of more than 500 sets of air separation equipment, the Yellow River air separation has been distributed in the field of biological natural gas since 2008, organized an elite team to carry out in-depth research and development of biogas purification technology, and took the lead in the field of washing purification. In 2010, the first set of 20,000-square-meter biogas purification project was completed in China, and then breakthroughs were made continuously. The projects of 30,000-100,000 grade were successfully implemented in henan, shandong, hubei and other places. In addition to the purification of methane, the air separation of the Yellow River has made continuous innovation and practice in LNG, chemical exhaust gas, hydrogen and other new energy fields, and made breakthroughs. It has been approved to build "henan methane purification and liquefaction engineering technology research center". Continuous optimization of process technology, continuous and stable operation of equipment, substantial reduction of energy consumption, multiple protection safety and reliability, and in the field of washing biogas purification took the lead in the implementation of "industrial skidding" and "one-key start and stop" control technology.

The successful operation of this project is the crystallization of the achievements of the continuous innovation and practice of the air separation of the Yellow River in the field of biological natural gas, and has set a beneficial example for China's biological natural gas industry to explore the super-large-scale industrialization, scale and market development.