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The Yellow River Air Separation won the honorary title of “2017 Top 50 Private Enterprises in Kaifeng”

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On August 2, 2018, the Kaifeng City Federation of Industry and Commerce held a meeting to commend and reward the winners of the “Top 50 Kaifeng Private Enterprises” in 2017. In the city's private air-freight enterprises, the Yellow River air separation is unique, and it is famous on the list!

Since 2018, the Kaifeng City Federation of Industry and Commerce has conducted research on large and medium-sized private enterprises in the city, on the assets and operation status of enterprises, investment and financing and personnel scale, management and technological innovation, international development strategy and hotspots closely related to the development of private enterprises. The problem is new and detailed.

In 2017, all employees of the Yellow River Air Separation, under the care and support of leaders at the municipal and district levels, actively adapted to the new economic normal, seized opportunities, and overcome difficulties, and played an active role in promoting the steady development of the private enterprise economy in the city.