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Kaifeng Huanghe Air Separation Group Co.,Ltd (KFHH) is a national high-tech enterprise, top 100 Chinese Chemical Equipment enterprises, the vice-president of China General Machinery Industry Association (CGMA) Gas Separation Plant Branch, has the famous brand of Henan Province and independent intellectual property rights in manufacturing air separation plant, new energy plant, gas compressor, and the supplier of industrial gas.

As a professional company KFHH is specialized in researching and developing new high-tech products for supplying high-end famous brand products with advanced technology, stable running, energy-saving, and high cost-effective. The user will long benefit from the KFHH products, and the win-win cooperation will be realized.

Making the HUANGHE Brand products to be the best. KFHH have such characteristics and advantages of 54 national invention patents and utility model patents; the industry's only large-scale rectifying column fluid dynamics test platform; the proprietary technologies of manufacturing ASP high efficiency energy-saving column; the powerful strength to lead to the high end market of argon recovery technologies; the industry-leading technology R&D platform of high purity nitrogen series products; the centrifugal air compressor has the industry's best cost performance; long-term stable running and unique performance of reciprocating gas compressor; the indicator of products comprehensive energy consumption is less 1~5% than industry's; more than 400 sets of ASP we supplied to the market have 100% success rate of start-up; and the indicator of domestic pioneering bio-gas purification technology has reached international level. Sorts of series products are of advanced technology, stable running, and energy-saving.

Putting the quality firstly in any case is KFHH Quality Philosophy, the company has passed the GB/T19001—2008 quality management system certification; and has the design and manufacture licenses of pressure vessel(class A2), the design license of pressure piping(GC class), the installation, alteration, repair & maintenance License of pressure piping(GC2 class); the establishment of strict quality assurance system and quality control network, the strength of research and application of site manufacture process, which guarantee the first class quality of products, the plants have been supplied all over China in the industries of petroleum and petrochemical,chemicals and fertilizer, construction material etc., and exported to Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Turkey, and other countries and regions.

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