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Leader's speech

Leader's speech

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Leadership speech

China's air separation industry production of large - scale air separation equipment began in 1958. After the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the national economy, the pace of development of air separation industry has been gradually accelerated, and some small and medium-sized private enterprises have emerged.

In order to adapt to market demand, in 2003 we set up the Kaifeng Huanghe Air Separation Group Co.,Ltd was founded at the beginning of, I think the enterprise must have independent research and development of core technology, process flow and some key technology, in particular, on the basis of the draw in the same industry at home and abroad enterprise technical advantage, combined with its own actual situation, more conducive to enterprise development. At the same time, technological innovation must also be carried out, and a considerable amount of manpower and capital must be invested to gradually own its own brand. Therefore, we put forward the "Yellow River brand, to do the best" concept, and always adhere to.

After 15 years of innovation and development, the Huanghe Air Separation has become a new force and backbone enterprise in China's air separation equipment manufacturing industry. Over the past 15 years, the Huanghe Air Separation has designed and manufactured more than 500 sets of air separation equipment, and has always focused on argon extraction technology, representative of more than 200 sets of full rectification argon full low-pressure air separation equipment are up to the standard, the customer reputation "argon production technology, domestic first-class"; The technical index of low-temperature separation and production of high-purity nitrogen has repeatedly set domestic records. "China's high-nitrogen view of kaifeng and kaifeng's high-nitrogen view of the Yellow River" has made the nitrogen production equipment of Huanghe Air Separation famous all over the world. At present, the Huanghe Air Separation has designed and manufactured 6 sets of air separation equipment of 40000Nm cubed /h grade.

Guided by the concept of "energy saving and consumption reduction" advocated by the state, the Huanghe Air Separation has independently developed the ultra-low pressure air separation equipment rich in oxygen, which is widely used in the iron and steel industry, such as blast furnace oxygen-rich coal injection, cement kiln oxygen-rich coal injection, high-purity nitrogen expansion protection, non-ferrous smelting industry, float glass full-oxygen combustion and high-purity nitrogen protection technology.

At the same time, the Huanghe Air Separation has also made outstanding contributions to the new energy industry. Our independent research and development of new energy products, including biological natural gas purification series, methane recovery 97%, methane purity 97%, energy consumption index per standard square methane 0.25kWh, in the world's leading position.

In terms of product quality, I put forward the concept of "putting quality first under any circumstances". The plain language describes that the Huanghe Air Separation always takes maintaining the "Huanghe Air Separation brand" as the first goal, and we deliver the high-quality equipment made by ourselves to the majority of users.

"When we integrate our lives into the cause of national air separation, our historical responsibility drives us to make full use of the most extensive air resources on earth, so as to benefit mankind and create more wealth for society." In the future, it is still the historical mission that drives me to lead the Huanghe Air Separation , aiming at the air separation market of 4000 ~ 40000m3 /h segment, work steadily, be diligent and diligent, actively respond to the national call, and continue to create more wealth for China's air separation industry and human society.

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